Prices: Packages A la carte:

Flip Chart Package - $30.00
    Flip Chart Stand, Plain White Paper Pad and Markers
Post-It Flip Chart Package - $40.00
    Flip Chart Stand, 3M Post-It Pad Paper, and Markers
White Board Package - $20.00
    2?x 3?White Board on Tripod Easel and Dry Erase Markers
32?LCD/Video Package - $165.00
    32?Monitor, VHS Player or DVD Player, Rolling Cart
Presentation Package - $35.00
    8 foot Screen, Projection Stand, Extension Cord, Power Strip and Technician assistance in set up
Data Projection Package - $225.00
    2000+ Lumen Projector, Screen, Projector Stand, and Wireless Remote
3M Overhead Package - $45.00
 3M Overhead, Screen and Stand
35mm Slide Package - $60.00
 Slide Projector, Screen, Stand, Wireless Remote

Technician Rates:
(labor Rates Based on a 4-Hour Minimum)
     Monday-Friday (7am-7pm) $40.00/hr
     Monday-Friday (7pm-12am) $60.00/hr
     Saturday-Sunday (7am-7pm) $60.00/hr
     Saturday-Sunday (7pm-12am) $80.00/hr
     Monday-Sunday (12am-7am) $80.00/hr
     Holidays $80.00/hr
Meeting Products:
    Poster Display Easel $15.00
        Plain White FlipChart Pad (sale*) $15.00
        3M Post-it FlipChart Pad (sale*) $25.00
         Extension Cord or Power Strip $5.00
       Projector Stand $15.00
        Wireless Computer Mouse $20.00
Audio Products:
         Wireless Microphone Kit $75.00
         Wired Hand Held Microphone $15.00
         Shure 4 Channel Mixer $25.00
         Mackie 14 Channel Mixer $50.00
          16 Channel Press Box $65.00
         16 Channel Audio Snake $60.00
         Mackie SRM450 PowerSpeaker $55.00
          Stereo Cassette Deck $30.00
         CD 5 Disk Changer $35.00
         CD/Tape Combo Boom Box $20.00
         PolyCom Speaker Phone $75.00
Video Products:
        VHS or DVD Player $40.00
        XGA 2000+ Lumen Projector $195.00
        3M Overhead Projector $35.00
        Kodak 35mm Slide Projector $30.00
        Zoom Lens for 35mm $20.00
        Wireless 35mm Remote $20.00
        6 Foot Tripod Screen $20.00
        8 Foot Tripod Screen $25.00
        7?x10?Screen with Drape Kit $100.00
        9?x12?Screen with Drape Kit $125.00

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